PUBG Tips 5 best places to land in Livik map

Livik is a recently-introduced map in its beta phase in PUBG Mobile.

It is based on the Nordic regions, and made only for the mobile version.

Livik is the newest map exclusively available for PUBG Mobile. It was introduced with the 0.19.0 update, and specially-designed for mobile gameplay. The developers have based the map on the Nordic region with green fields, snowy patches and waterfalls.

Livik is also the smallest map in PUBG Mobile, with a size of 2×2 km. Although the map is available in the classic mode, matches allow a maximum of 52 players. Games also usually last under 15 minutes, which makes it very competitive.

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We determine the best places to land in Livik map in PUBG Mobile


Iceborg location on the map

Iceborg is a snowy terrain in the Livik map in PUBG Mobile, and is a beautiful small town on the northeastern side. The site includes buildings with great loot and cover, and also features an enormous church in the middle. This place of worship also offers decent loot, but people usually find what they need from the surrounding urban structures.


Waterfall location on the map

Waterfall is possibly the coolest place on the Livik map. It is located towards the southwest and has decent loot. Like the name suggests, this place has a three-level waterfall, which makes it an attractive site. Players can use jet-skis from the top of the waterfall and ride the three-level drop. The hidden area behind the waterfall also offers great loot.

Power Plant

Power Plant location on the map

Power Plant has quality loot which players can acquire quickly. There is only one gigantic building which contains most of the high-tier loot. Although the place has cover, a lot of people tend to drop here for weapons and gear. It makes for a rewarding race if players survive and take the huge loot that this location in PUBG Mobile offers.

East Port

East Post location on the map

East Port comprises chunks of buildings similar to small towns in the Erangel map. These buildings have good amounts of loot like weapons, utilities and healing items. There is ample cover for players, and scope for close combat.


Holdhus location on the map

Holdhus covers a vast area of the Livik map. It has a storage factory surrounded by buildings and compounds. This area offers great loot, which is one of the attractions on the map. However, players need to be careful when dropping here, because the loot is usually highly-contested.

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